Inside Perch, Glen Park's Go-To Spot For Gifts

If you're in Glen Park and in need of a thoughtful gift for that special someone, you might want to swing by Perch, tucked away on Chenery Street just beyond the center of the neighborhood.

The shop is owned by Zoel Fages and Sue Puhlhorn, who originally met while working together at the Gap headquarters downtown. The two had chatted about opening a retail venture, and when the space became available eight years ago, they jumped on it.

Zoel Fages, Co-Owner of Perch.

"It was always in the back of my mind to have my own place and do my own thing," reported Fages. For the most part, he's is in control of keeping up general inventory and doing the buying, while Puhlhorn focuses entirely on keeping up the eclectic jewelry selection.

"We wanted a store full of stuff we came across and loved," said Fages. "Also, we wanted to carry the coolest stuff that was made locally whenever possible."

Perch sells a variety of things, but Fages told us that their main focus is on jewelry, stationary, home and gift items, bath and body products, and stuff for kids. 

"We also try to infuse a bit of vintage here and there," he added.

Fages reports that he loves Glen Park and that he's very happy running a business there. However, he didn't initially plan to open up shop in the area.

"We didn't choose Glen Park, Glen Park chose us," said Fages. "The space became available and brought our dream to a reality. However, we also saw that this store would be giving the neighborhood something it didn't have—a gift store—and we thought it would do well with the other things the neighborhood has to offer."

Since it opened, Perch has been slowly developing its online shop but, according to Fages, he originally wanted his store to be a "well-curated destination for old fashioned shopping." 

"The online store has always been more of a representation of what we had for sale because we really want you to actually come here," Fages said, pointing out that Glen Park is actually much less out of the way than people think because of its proximity to so many different public transportation lines.

That said, Fages also reported that the only real challenge he's faced as a business owner have been getting the word out about his shop; he's relied heavily on both local support and people going out of their way to find the store.

At the moment, Fages doesn't see Perch expanding to any new locations: he says he'd spread himself too thin and not be able to have the same hands-on involvement he does now. 

Besides, he's really happy right here in Glen Park.

"I love the neighborhood and I love the village feel. It has everything you need/

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