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Published on September 12, 2016
Video: Skateboarder Noseslides Hallidie Plaza RailingScreenshot: Reddit

The Internet is abuzz over a video of a skateboarder successfully completing a noseslide down the steep railing at Hallidie Plaza, near the entrance to the Powell Muni/BART station. 

GIF: Reddit

According to Complex's The Ride Channel, the boarder's name is Maurice Jordan, and he's not the first to successfully challenge the railings in Hallidie Plaza. Former pro skateboarder Lennie Kirk famously pulled off a 50-50 in the same spot, in the 1997 Alien Workshop video Timecode. (Skip to 3:05 to see it.)

The GIF above, which has been circulating on Reddit, is an excerpt from a new video by TransWorld SKATEboarding, "the biggest and best skateboarding magazine in the world." The montage features the best up-and-coming amateur skateboarders of 2016.