La Urbana Closes Its Doors Suddenly, Mysteriously

La Urbana Closes Its Doors Suddenly, Mysteriously
Photo: Andrew Dudley/Hoodline
By Stephen Jackson - Published on November 17, 2016.

If you live in the neighborhood, you may have noticed that La Urbana, the spacious Mexican restaurant and bar on Grove & Divisadero, has been closed all week.

Multiple tipsters wrote in to note the closure. "I walked by La Urbana last night & it was closed," reported Michelle G. on Nov. 15th. "There was a note taped in the window that said closed for remodeling. It didn't say how long or anything. Any chance you guys can look into it and get the scoop?"

"La Urbana closed on Divisadero street without warning," said tipster Kory K. "The employees were given no notice or explanation."

Despite the posted sign stating that renovations were in the works, Inside Scoop reports that yesterday evening, an employee in front of the building relayed that it would be closed for good, and that he'd already found a new job in the neighborhood. 

We've reached out to the folks at La Urbana but have yet to hear back; the phone number is currently disconnected.

The restaurant, inspired by the cuisine of Mexico City, opened in the former Plant'It Earth space in September of 2013. It also includes the garage annex on Grove, Mercado Urbano, which offers semi-outdoor seating, drinks and small bites.

We'll keep you posted as details emerge. 

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