Yet Another Driver Gets Stuck After Wrongly Entering Sunset Tunnel

Another person got stuck after attempting to drive their car through the Sunset Tunnel Saturday night, marking the third attempt this month alone. (Here are the first and second attempts.)

Tipster Jeff J. said he spotted the female driver, who was stuck along the outbound tracks of the N-Judah at the east entrance at Duboce and Noe streets. Someone told him the driver was attempting to call 911.

According to SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose, service through the tunnel was stalled between 7:09 and 7:47pm, while a tow truck came and retrieved the car. Rose provided no further details.

Just a few days ago, we checked in with Muni to see if it had any plans to further remedy this issue. At least 24 mistaken trips into the tunnel have occurred since 2010.

Last year, the agency installed speed bumps and bright “DO NOT ENTER” signs, but some drivers apparently remain undeterred. According to Rose, no other plans to fix the issue are on the agenda.

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Yet another driver gets stuck after wrongly entering sunset tunnel