Cole Valley Shuffle: La Boulangerie Returns, Laundromat Changes Hands

Cole Valley Shuffle: La Boulangerie Returns, Laundromat Changes Hands
Photo: La Boulangerie de San Francisco/Yelp
By Camden Avery - Published on March 03, 2017.

In happy news for Cole Valley cafe aficionados, La Boulangerie de Cole Valley (1000 Cole St.) is set to reopen tomorrow, following a brief closure for seismic retrofit earlier this winter.

Tomorrow's opening was heralded by a brief notice in the window announcing a return to normal operations this weekend and confirmed by employees prepping the space this morning for a return to business as usual.

In other retail-related news in Cole Valley, it was recently announced that Bay Area laundromat Tons of Bubbles is currently up and running in the laundromat at Cole and Grattan (1101 Cole St.), which was sold by the Doug's Suds owner earlier this year. The change came two years after Doug's other space (862 Cole St., still vacant) underwent retrofitting. (And if you missed it, Tantrum is already back next door, at 858 Cole St.) 

La Boulangerie's fresh start—along with the recent return of Vierra & Friends after a brief hiatus in the Lower Haight, plus the recent overhaul of Alpha Market as a Luke's Local—caps off a whirlwind of retail shuffles for Cole Valley.

But soon, at least, you'll be able to have your choice of cafes to sit and read the paper while waiting for that rinse cycle to end.