Go Figurine: Hayes Valley's New 'DOOB' Will Make Your (Or Your Pet's) 3D Replica

DOOB, a new shop at Hickory and Gough streets, turns photos of people and pets into 3D-printed figurines.

The location became available after former tenant Makeshift Society, a creative co-working space, closed its doors last August.

Customers shopping for replicas must step into a large scanner for a 360-degree photo shoot. "The first thing they do is pick the size of the figurine, then they practice their pose in front of the mirror, and then we go ahead and do the scan," store manager Hector Gomez said.

Next, customers view the pictures and decide whether they're satisfied with the results. For some, the process just takes a few minutes, while others take more time to iron out their pose.

Following the procedure, the images are converted into high-resolution 3D files, which are later 3D-printed at the company's production center in Brooklyn. Gomez says finished figurines usually arrive no later than three weeks after a photo shoot.

The process.

Three people can go into the scanner at the same time. People often bring their family or friends, while others prefer to make figurines of their pets, Gomez said.

Another popular occasion to step into the scanner: getting wedding cake toppers.

Before stepping into the scanner, people often ask how they should pose. Gomez usually advises customers to look at some of the figurines on display in the shop. But it's also important to just do "what feels natural to you," Gomez said. Asking people how they normally pose for a photograph often helps, he added.

Some people pose with their partners, friends or alone.

The 3D-printing company was originally founded in Germany, but has its U.S. headquarters in New York City, as well as retail locations in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Last year, the company opened at 3rd and Market streets, then opened a pop-up shop at Union and Laguna streets before permanently moving to Hayes Valley at the beginning of this year.

Up to three people can step into the scanner at the same time.

Figurines are available in five different sizes and cost between $95 and $695.

DOOB figurines typically stand up on their own, and Gomez says staff members usually warn customers if a pose will likely result in an unstable replica. "We always try to get stable figurines, but if we have one that is not able to stand on its own we also have platforms available."

Many neighbors have visited DOOB at each of its recent San Francisco locations. "In Cow Hollow, for example, we shipped a lot of figurines to neighbors that lived one or two blocks away from the store," Gomez said.

The same can be said for the new Hayes Valley shop, although it also gets a bit more traffic from tourists.

Local business owners haven't been strangers either, Gomez noted, recalling that a real estate agent once stopped by for a replica of himself that could hold his business cards in its extended arms. 

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Go figurine hayes valley s new doob will make your or your pet s 3d replica