'La Flamme' Brings Tarte Flambée To Financial District Lunch Scene

'La Flamme' Brings Tarte Flambée To Financial District Lunch Scene
Photo: La Flamme/Yelp
By Shane Downing - Published on March 23, 2017.

There’s a new French pizzeria downtown. Called La Flamme, the restaurant opened up shop at Belden Place in mid-January and is open weekdays for lunch from 10am-2pm (although they occasionally take reservations for special events and dinner). La Flamme also does take-out and delivery orders.

What is la tarte flambée (also known as flammekueche)? The restaurant’s Facebook page describes the Alsatian speciality as "thin dough baked in flames with cream, onions and bacon" (although vegetarian options are on the menu too). Others have described the traditional dish as akin to a love child between a pizza and a crepe.

"The recipe varies from one village to another," owner Anne Besset, a Strasbourg native, says. "Minor variations focus on the form, the cheese-cream mixture and seasoning." Besset told us La Flamme also has a trailer equipped with a wood fire oven, and that she and her team do catering around the Bay Area.

One Yelp reviewer described La Flamme as “hard to find (it's downstairs at Pachino), but very friendly and very delicious food! The ingredients are fresh and choices are good.” 

Take a look for yourself: