Spotted: SoMa Demolition Reveals Long-Hidden 'Ghost Advertising'

Demolition is currently underway at 50 1st St., where an office building is being torn down to make way for a 34-story tower, part of the massive new Oceanwide Center development.

But while a futuristic high-rise may be on the way, the construction has revealed a hidden element of the past: a "ghost advertisement" painted on the brick wall of the adjacent building, and captured in this photo by tipster Charles C. 

While the ad's bottom half, promoting a printing shop, is somewhat illegible, the upper half appears to be for the Scott-Gilbert Co., a business at 45 Ecker St.

Image: Handbook of Manufacturers

According to the 1911 annual report of the SF Chamber of Commerce, Scott & Gilbert were "manufacturing chemists." The 1910 edition of the Handbook of Manufacturers in and About San Francisco lists them in the following categories: "shoe dressings," perfumes, spices and "toilet articles."

Interested in seeing more ghost ads around the city? Check out our story about photographer Nan Castle, who works to document them before they disappear. 

Thanks to tipster Charles C. Spot anything interesting? Text us at (415) 200-3233 and we'll look into it. 

Update, 3:11pm: The tipster adds that the printer's name appears to be Gilmartin Co. Printers, and indeed, records show that there was a printer by that name at 45 Ecker until 1918, when it moved to 85 Stevenson St.

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Spotted soma demolition reveals long hidden ghost advertising