Upper Haight Crime Roundup: Haight & Stanyan Stabbing, Pizza Chef Attacked, Starbucks Robbery, More

Here's the latest recap of crime in the Upper Haight in the two months since our last roundup. All information comes directly from the SFPD, unless otherwise noted. 

News from Park Station: burglary warnings and 4/20 preparations

While it's been a relatively standard couple of months in crime for the neighborhood, Park Station has taken note of the recent rash of burglaries and home invasions in the Sunset, and is encouraging neighbors to make sure they lock their doors, secure open windows, and take their garage door openers with them when going to and from their vehicles. 

Meanwhile, it may be only early March, but Park Station's Capt. John Sanford has already issued a notice in the station's newsletter about early plans for 4/20, the Haight's biggest unofficial-official holiday.

"This is still a non-sanctioned event that we realize district residents dread," he wrote, "so we want to reassure you we have already started talks to discuss management of this year’s 4/20."

We'll keep you posted with traffic notices and help hotlines before the big day arrives.

Haight McDonald's cleans up its act

As we reported on March 1st, the city no longer considers the Haight McDonald's to be a public nuisance. The McDonald's, which was once censured by the City Attorney for allowing drug dealing on the premises, has now been cleared by the same office, and a Park Station officer onfirmed that zero calls have been received from the restaurant between last September and late February. 

Participant in Alvord Lake torture, killing sentenced, released from jail

As reported by Hoodline and Bay City News, 36-year-old Robert Tannehill, one of the six people implicated in the 2016 torture and murder of 66-year-old Stephen Williams at Alvord Lake, was sentenced and released on February 28th. 

Tannehill was present for one incident in the three-day torture and killing; he confessed to a charge of false imprisonment and has already served his two-year sentence. Four of the other people involved are facing a murder charge later this spring.

Man stabbed in leg at Stanyan & Waller

On February 27th around 2am, police found a man who had been stabbed in the leg at Stanyan and Waller streets. The man, 39, said the stabbing occurred for no reason. He was transported to the hospital in non-life-threatening condition. The suspect(s) in the case remain unknown. 

Cole Valley pizza chef attacked at work

As previously reported, Yonny Munoz, a 33-year-old chef at Cole Valley pizza spot Bambino's, was hospitalized after being attacked by robbers while on the job on February 19th. Neighbors have launched a GoFundMe to raise money for his recovery. 

Woman attacked, robbed outside coffee shop

An 18-year-old woman was robbed of her cell phone while sitting outside at a coffee shop at Fulton and Masonic (likely Starbucks, though police did not specify) on February 18th. The suspect, a 54-year-old man, initially asked the woman for a cigarette; she declined, and he then returned and grabbed her phone. The woman was able to wrest the phone back, but the man threw her to the ground. She called 911, and police were able to arrest the suspect and recover the phone. 

Teen injured in attack with skateboard

As previously reported, a 17-year-old at Alvord Lake was attacked with his own skateboard and left in life-threatening condition on February 11th. The culprit was later apprehended by Park Station plainclothes officers in the Mission.

Guilty plea in 2015 Golden Gate Park murder

On February 6th, Morrison Lampley and Lila Alligood confessed to the 2015 murder of Canadian tourist Audrey Carey in Golden Gate Park, as well as the Marin murder of therapist Steven Carter. Lampley and Alligood are scheduled for sentencing on April 18th in Marin Superior Court.

Stop sign violation turns to fisticuffs at Frederick and Willard

At 12:30pm on January 24th, two SFPD officers attempting to pull a car over for a stop sign violation at Frederick and Willard streets had to chase the car down and find it again—at Carl and Hillway.

When they found the car again, it was in a no-parking zone, and the driver was crouched in the driver's seat under the window, trying to hide. When the officers started to issue a traffic citation, he turned on the ignition and tried to drive away. The officers eventually detained him for a traffic violation, but not before a quick scuffle.

Man shot at Masonic and Fell

Shortly before 8pm on January 23rd, a 24-year-old man was shot once by three unknown assailants in front of his house on the 1700 block of Fell Street (between Masonic and Ashbury). The suspects fled immediately on foot, and the victim was taken to the hospital in non-life threatening condition.

Auto burglar loses his shoes at Haight & Clayton

At 1pm on January 20th, a passerby witnessed a car break-in on the 1600 block of Haight. The witness shouted at the perpetrator, who had smashed a front window and grabbed a purse from the front seat. The suspect then dropped the purse and ran towards Masonic Avenue, losing a pair of white Nike Air Force 1s in the process.

Man throws chair through business window

Shortly after noon on January 17th, someone walked into a business on the 1600 block of Waller and asked for a knife sharpener. When told there wasn't one, the suspect threw a chair through the window and left.

Altercation with a knife at Haight & Stanyan

At 8am on January 8th, police responded to a reported stabbing at the famously dangerous Haight and Stanyan intersection. They reported trails and pools of blood, but found the victim in the care of medics and released the victim "in good condition." A suspect remains unknown. 

See something happening in the Haight? Text photos and information to Hoodline at (415) 200-3233, and we'll investigate. 

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