Calvin And Hobbes Mural Appears In SoMa Side Street

A colorful new mural depicting the title characters from the popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes has appeared on Langton Street, between 7th and 8th streets in SoMa.

Twitter user Joe M. posted a short time lapse video on April 2nd showing the mural in progress:

The image will be familiar to fans of Calvin and Hobbes as the cover of the 1989 collection Yukon Ho!, in which Calvin and his tiger set off (on foot) for Yukon territory—equipped with comic books, a space helmet, a toboggan and two sandwiches.

The inscription on the piece reads, “For the childhood we never had.” The mural also features the name "Neil Akin," with the dates 1991-2015.

Neil Jordan Akin was a 24-year-old Richmond man found murdered in Oakland in September of 2015. Days later, SF Gate reported that suspect Seth Rumi Sears, a Richmond resident and acquaintance of Akin’s, was arrested on suspicion of his involvement in the killing.

At present, it's unclear just who might be behind the mural, but it's signed "Alpha" and "A.I. Collective."

If you're a fan, take time to wander down Langton and take a peek.

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Calvin and hobbes mural appears in soma side street