Floral Loft, Salon Alta, Soothe Spa Gear Up For Temporary Retrofit Move

Floral Loft, Salon Alta, Soothe Spa Gear Up For Temporary Retrofit MovePhoto: Camden Avery/Hoodline
Camden Avery
Published on May 19, 2017

The impacts of seismic retrofitting on small businesses have been well documented, with one frequent outcome being lease termination or commercial tenants getting priced out of the building.

North of the Panhandle, one of the next buildings do first-floor reinforcement is the mixed-use building at the corner of Hayes and Ashbury, home to The Floral Loft (1871 Hayes), Salon Alta (1881 Hayes), and Soothe Spa (1883 Hayes). 

Jason Gonzales, co-owner with Courtney Sayer of The Floral Loft, told us that they, Salon Alta, and Soothe Spa, will have to vacate for the summer.

But regulars shouldn't fret—not only do all three businesses plan to return, they also have temporary relocations lined up in the meantime.

"We have all agreed with the landlord on the terms to return upon completion," Gonzales said, "so no worries there."

Bucking the stereotype of a rapacious property owner, "our landlord has actually been really upfront and reasonable about the move," Gonzales added. "He knows that it really puts us all out quite a bit and I'm sure also would love to know the spaces will be immediately refilled upon completion."

As to The Floral Loft, a temporary SoMa studio will allow them to stay open for daily deliveries, weddings, and events, though they'll temporarily shutter their retail presence. (They'll be discounting vases and hard goods Memorial Day weekend as part of a preemptive moving sale, Gonzales said.)

London Elise, owner of Soothe Spa, said she'll be running a pop-up starting June 6 "out of our new sister shop, This Magic Life. ... Studio Soothe clients can call, email or book online appointments like they always have."

And Salon Alta will be operating for the summer out of Veer & Wander (6 Brady St.).

Gonzales said The Floral Loft worked with its landlord to secure stable rents for the next two years following the retrofit, so residents can still look forward to having a local flower shop.