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Published on May 03, 2017
'Technical Cashmere' Retailer Kit and Ace Shutters SF Locations, Focuses On Online SalesPhotos: Teresa Hammerl/Hoodline

The decline of the retail industry, which has shuttered stores like American Apparel, Radio Shack and Sports Authority across San Francisco, has now caught up with Kit and Ace. 

After a tipster asked us if Kit and Ace had permanently closed its Hayes Street location, Hoodline discovered that the company had recently posted a sign on its store window, informing its customers of the closure:

From the very beginning, Kit and Ace has been about innovation. As the retail landscape changes, we're changing the way we transform your wardrobe.

The showroom is now closed.

Stay in touch. Shop our entire collection and buy the clothes you love at

According to Canada-based newspaper The Globe and Mail, the retailer has shut down all stores outside Canada, including those in the U.S.

The company also laid off an undisclosed number of employees and is shifting focus to online sales and its nine outlets in Canada.

Kit and Ace on Hayes Street.

Two years ago, the store opening in Hayes Valley caused a stir when the clothing retailer first signed the lease for 371 Hayes St.

Because the Vancouver-based company had ambitious expansion plans at the time, the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (HVNA) filed a complaint against the company's move into the neighborhood. The concern was that Kit and Ace would exceed a maximum of 11 other retail locations worldwide and violate the neighborhood's formula retail ban.

The complaint triggered a formula retail review by the Planning Department that delayed the opening of the store.

Kit and Ace responded and fought for its presence in the neighborhood with an ironic website, "" (now no longer active).  After the Board of Appeals determined that the company only had eight stores worldwide at the time of application, the HVNA's appeal was denied, and the Planning Department ruled that the store could open.

The retailer's second San Francisco location at 3108 Fillmore St. is now closed as well.

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