With New Mixed-Use Building, Cole Hardware May Return To Bernal Heights

After a fire last year consumed the building that housed Cole Hardware and left 56 people homeless, many residents of the Bernal Heights and Outer Mission communities wondered if the hardware store, a beloved neighborhood fixture, would return. 

"There was a sense of both sadness and support among the crowd as the community watched with us in awe," wrote owner Rick Karp on the company's website as he recounted the fire.

Cole Hardware after the fire. | Photo: Cole Hardware

Now, according to SocketSite, EE Weiss Architects has submitted plans for a new mixed-use building at the same location.

The new development would include eight condos, eight parking spaces, and more than 6,000 square feet of commercial space with a new address, 3310 Mission Street. 

Proposed new building for 3310 Mission St. | Photo: SocketSite

When Hoodline spoke to Karp, he said that he's been working closely with the new owner, adding that he would love to return to the Mission Street location. 

"We were devastated by the loss of our Mission Street store," he told us. "We were so proud to be a contributing member of the community for 32 years. We fervently and optimistically expect that when the building rises, we will be there to welcome our neighborhood friends into our new Mission Street store!"

For the time being, the company's recently opened store at 9th and Folsom is as close to the Bernal/Mission community as the company could get, he said. 

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