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SFMTA Seeks Input On Changes To Underutilized 66-Quintara Line

The 66-Quintara bus line—which links the Inner Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods—is one of the area's most underutilized Muni routes. Now, SFMTA is seeking input for ways the route could attract higher ridership.

The initiative is part of a 2016 study initiated by Supervisor Katy Tang that is looking into potentially reconfiguring the 66-Quintara to make connections to transit hubs in the area. 

The current 66-Quintara route. | Image: SFMTA

While the study found that transit options in the area are plentiful, connections to major hubs were an issue for many.

For instance, only 1 percent of residents in the area could access the Daly City BART station within a 15-minute transit ride, and only 15 percent could access West Portal station in the same amount of time.

That has led to crowding on some lines that connect to major hubs, while seats are plentiful on the 66-Quintara. The 2016 report found that the 66-line "operat[es] at about 20 percent full on average and 40 percent full at the maximum load point during the morning peak period." 

A Monday evening community meeting will look into how Sunset residents use the 66-Quintara and what changes they seek. For those who can't make it, there's also a survey underway that will accept responses until July 16th.

"This study is at the very beginning of the community engagement phase," said transit planner Kathleen Phu, who added that there are currently no projects in mind, "and any changes we make will be the direct result of community input."

"It is also possible that the majority of the feedback we get shows that the community likes the 66 Quintara just the way it is," she said. "If that’s the case, we are prepared to honor that feedback."


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