Upper Haight Business: New Pizzeria In The Works, Nail Salon Relocates, More

Despite a continued spate of retail vacancies, the Upper Haight's commercial corridor has seen a few changes recently:

Haight Street Nails (formerly 1795 Haight St.) has moved across the street into the former Reincarnations storefront, vacated suddenly last January.

Employees say that despite a little construction dust and the papered windows, they're open for basic services and expect to be fully operational with construction wrapped up within the week.

The new outfit includes fresh floors and spruced-up chairs for service, with a fresher look than the former storefront.

1463 Haight St. (formerly Hyperoptics), which according to permitting and signage looks to be a pizza restaurant called 'Bizza,' appears to be ending a protracted span of construction.

Work is also underway at Haight Ashbury Vintage's former digs (1711 Haight St.) and the erstwhile Piper's Shoe Parlor (1628 Haight St.), vacant nearly a year and a half—though no details are yet available about either hopeful tenant. Tipsters also report activity at 1310 Haight St. (formerly Love of Ganesha).

Prominent, continued vacancies with no sign of life include Haight St. Shoe Repair (1614 Haight St.), the American Apparel storefront (1615 Haight St.), Fresh (1603 Haight St.), Kids Only (1608 Haight St.), and LTD (1685 Haight St.).

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Upper haight business new pizzeria in the works nail salon relocates more