San Francisco

Car goes up in flames in front of Castro Safeway

On Thursday evening, Hoodline tipster Lukas F. alerted us to a car that was on fire on Market Street, in front of the parking lot of the Castro/Upper Market Safeway. 

Lukas, who was riding his bike, said that he wasn't able to use the bike lane because of the incident, and that bicyclists as well as cars were detouring through the Safeway parking lot to avoid the blaze. 

Twitter user @andrewthesmart, who took pictures from the parking lot, also told us that the bike path was blocked.

Photo: Lukas F./Hoodline

SFFD spokesperson Jonathan Baxter confirmed the fire took place in a parked car at 2020 Market St., and that smoke was reported to be coming from inside the car. The incident was reported to the fire department at 6:02 p.m, and firefighters arrived at the scene to extinguish the blaze.

Baxter said that he didn't know why the vehicle had caught fire. When Hoodline visited the scene of the incident later that night, the vehicle had already been removed.

Photo: andrewthesmart/Twitter

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