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Renovated Axum Cafe reopens with longer service hours

It's been almost a year and a half since Axum Cafe owner Tsegai Berhe shuttered his restaurant for what was meant to be a couple months' worth of renovations.

But as of five days ago, the Lower Haight's Ethiopian eatery is officially back in business, with a new look.

Tipster Emily R. clued us into Axum's return. "We went with some friends tonight, and it was so great to see the Berhe family again. The renovations look great, and the Berhes were able to maintain the intimate feeling of dining in their home."

"You know, so far it's been good," Berhe told us of the restaurant's return to the Lower Haight's food scene.

He hastened to add that though dinner service is now up and running, he'll still be working with the chef over the coming days to bring two new menus — for breakfast and midday — to fruition. They're a first for the restaurant, which previously only served food in the evening. 

Improvements to the building include a spruced-up exterior and new decor. | Photo: Camden Avery/Hoodline

The Berhes, who own both Axum and the adjacent Sunrise Market, are fixtures of the Lower Haight. Berhe has owned Axum for just over 20 years.

Though they might not appear outwardly substantial, the improvements made to Axum over the past year were the first in the course of Berhe's ownership, he told Hoodline. They include bigger windows, a new ceiling and relocated kitchen walls.

Axum Cafe is currently open daily for dinner from 4-11 p.m. Daytime service should arrive in the coming weeks.

Thanks to tipster Emily R. 

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