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Published on August 28, 2019
Cole Valley Fitness appears to be closed for good after seismic retrofitPhoto: Camden Avery/Hoodline

It's been six months since Cole Valley Fitness announced a summer closure for a seismic retrofit. 

At the time, co-owner Andrew Chaban said the hiatus was planned and necessary, and that it would be brief. He also said it would allow the business to make improvements, including purchasing some new equipment.

But earlier this month, signs went up in the window announcing that the space is for lease. Multiple tipsters have written in to ask if the gym and fitness center might be gone for good.

At the time of the gym's closure, Chaban said a lease renegotiation was still pending, but that he was optimistic. However, that optimism may have been unwarranted. He hasn't responded to a request for comment, and the business's website has gone dark.

The loss of Cole Valley Fitness, a longtime business, would be a blow to the neighborhood. The gym has been in operation since 1992, with Andrew and Jodi Chaban taking over in 2012.

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