First ever Outer Sunset pot dispensary gets approved by City Hall

First ever Outer Sunset pot dispensary gets approved by City HallImage: Ed U. via Yelp
Joe Kukura
Published on February 11, 2022

There are very few cannabis dispensaries in the western neighborhoods of San Francisco. While there are more than 40 dispensaries east of Golden Gate Park's Stanyan Street entrance, west of Stanyan Street, there are but four stores where you can buy legal marijuana. 

But it’s time to make room for another. In what will be the westernmost pot shop in the city of San Francisco, the Planning Commission on Thursday approved a new cannabis dispensary at 4033a Judah Street, in the current Black Bird Bookstore, and next to Trouble Coffee.

But Black Bird Bookstore is very much staying in business. They’re just moving a block and a half away to Irving Street.

The best cannabis delivery companies in San Francisco offering on-demand service in the Sunset will find additional healthy competition when this westernmost pot shop is opened.

The ownership group of this dispensary is the same as the group behind the very large dispensary coming to Valencia Street, taking over the former Blu Dot furniture store. Owner Will Dolan did not disclose the name of the dispensary at Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting, though from their website it appears both may be named after their respective addresses — 560 Valencia and 4033a Judah. 

Dolan described the Judah site as a “satellite location” of the Valencia Street dispensary, and one that would focus on “equity” products of companies owned by women, minorities, and victims of the War on Drugs. Dolan vowed the Judah dispensary would have “more cannabis equity products than any other retailer in the state of California.”

Since there are so few dispensaries in the Sunset, there was significant public-commenter opposition before the Planning Commission vote on Thursday. But there were just as many supporters, one of whom summed up his support with flair.

“The 4000 block of Judah is perfect. It’s surfer, hippie culture,” the commenter said, without giving his name. “It’s where you should put a dispensary.”

And with that, the Planning Commission agreed unanimously and approved the cannabis storefront. The 4033a Judah Street dispensary will begin moving in next month, at which point Black Bird Bookstore will move nearby to Irving Street. The dispensary has not announced a target opening date.