San Jose and San Francisco Ranked Among Priciest Slices of Pizza

San Jose and San Francisco Ranked Among Priciest Slices of Pizza
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By Nina Singh-Hudson - Published on May 20, 2023.

Bay Area residents may be proud to call some of the country's most expensive cities home, but that pride comes with a pricey cost, especially when it comes to pizza. According to a recent article by KRON4, both San Jose and San Francisco have landed in the top five for the most expensive average price per slice of pizza, with San Jose ranking second at $2.70 and San Francisco trailing close behind in fourth place at $2.68. Many factors contribute to the rising pizza prices, some of which are unique to the Bay Area, and inflation isn't the only culprit causing a surge in the cost of our favorite cheesy delight.

As CNET reported, multiple factors have caused pizza prices to rise, including increased costs for ingredients such as tomato paste, wheat for pizza dough, and cheese – all affected by various supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and other marketplace challenges. As a result, the burden of these higher costs is often passed on to customers in the form of price increases, and the Bay Area is no exception with its already high cost of living and unique regional challenges.

While the average cost of a 14-inch Margherita pizza in the United States is $17.16, those in the Bay Area are paying a premium that far exceeds this national average. For example, pizza lovers in San Jose pay an average of $21.59 for their Margherita pies, whereas their San Francisco counterparts pay $21.47. Such high prices have various implications for both pizzerias and customers.

For local pizzerias, the small profit margins typical in the restaurant industry are becoming even more challenging as costs continue to rise. As Terrence Morash, vice president of brand and creative for Slice, a pizza delivery platform, explained to CNET, raising prices is often the only option for smaller, independently owned pizzerias struggling with increased costs for ingredients, packaging, and wages. As the small businesses that many local communities rely on for their favorite pizza joints confront these financial challenges, they have no choice but to pass on the burden to customers in the form of higher prices. Coordination helps though, as seen by the success of platforms like Slice, whose member restaurants saw a year-over-year average increase of just over a dollar for a large cheese pizza.

Top 10 Most Expensive Pizza Cities (Pie | Slice)

  1. Portland, OR ($21.67 | $2.71)
  2. San Jose, CA ($21.59 | $2.70)
  3. New York, NY ($21.48 | $2.69)
  4. San Francisco, CA ($21.47 | $2.68)
  5. Seattle, WA ($21.14 | $2.64)
  6. Fresno, CA ($21.05 | $2.63)
  7. Chicago, IL ($20.88 | $2.61)
  8. Los Angeles, CA ($19.99 | $2.50)
  9. Bakersfield, CA ($19.92 | $2.49)
  10. San Diego, CA ($19.85 | $2.48)

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