This Portuguese Bakery in San Jose Boasts a Michelin-Starred Chef and Top-Notch Pastries

This Portuguese Bakery in San Jose Boasts a Michelin-Starred Chef and Top-Notch Pastries
By Nina Singh-Hudson - Published on May 18, 2023.

Imagine waking up at the crack of dawn, just to get your hands on the freshest, most authentic Portuguese pastries in town. That's the scene at Pastelaria Adega, a downtown San Jose bakery that has made a name for itself thanks to its incredibly scrumptious offerings and its impressive pedigree as a sister bakery to the Michelin-starred restaurant Adega. People are raving about this hidden gem that has transformed the area, and you need to know why.

Founded by Adega restaurant owners Carlos and Fernanda Carreira, Pastelaria Adega has quickly gained a following since its opening in November 2019, as reported by the Mercury News. Originally known for their hugely popular pop-up events, where they sold out 1,000 egg tarts within the first hour, Pastelaria Adega serves up a mouthwatering variety of sweet and savory pastries, including their famous pastéis de nata.

It's this Portuguese custard tart (Pastel de Nata) that has sent the crowds into a frenzy. The bakery's head baker, Jessica Carreira, who's also the daughter of the owners, traveled to their family's hometown in Portugal to learn how to make these authentic pastries. The result? A pastry so perfect that San Jose residents can't get enough, with TikTok user sanjosefoos gushing over the amazing crunch and texture of the pastry, rating its deliciousness a whopping "20 out of 10."

@sanjosefoos @Pastelaria Adega is the SPOT - Downtown San Jose has this hidden gem and we didnt even know #sanjose #bayarea #pasteldenata ♬ The Girl From Ipanema - Stan Getz

Credit must be given to the Carreiras for their tenacity and determination to bring authentic Portuguese cuisine to the city. Beyond the jaw-dropping pastries, Pastelaria Adega is also making a difference in its choice of location. According to Mercury News, the bakery finds itself on East Santa Clara Street, a part of downtown that has faced its fair share of challenges. But just as they did with their restaurant, the Carreiras are choosing to invest in an area that they believe can benefit from their culinary expertise. Developer Gary Dillabough, who owns Pastelaria Adega's building, praised the Carreiras for their spirit and enthusiasm, noting that businesses such as these help change cities for the better.

And it's not just the locals who are noticing the difference. Thanks to its uncompromising commitment to quality and authenticity, Pastelaria Adega has earned recognition from publications such as Eater San Francisco, who mentioned the bakery's head baker, Jessica Carreira, lauding the quality of the pastries' laminated dough and the thick, luscious custard filling. It's clear that the team behind Pastelaria Adega is intent on elevating the experience, not just selling pastries.

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With a dedicated and passionate team behind it and a growing legion of fans eager to savor its sensational pastries, Pastelaria Adega seems poised to thrive in San Jose. Whether you're a downtown resident or planning a trip to the city, one thing's for sure: a visit to this bakery is an absolute must. You might need to set your alarm early, but judging by the rave reviews and undeniable success, it's a small price to pay for culinary bliss.