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Published on June 29, 2023
SF Cops Pursuit Policy Under Fire After 2 High-Profile CrashesTop photo via Citizen app

In the wake of a fatal traffic accident in connection with a late May San Francisco Police Department car chase, and the brush with tragedy last week as an SFPD SUV nearly mowed down a child during a pursuit, the SF Police Commission commences review of the department's pursuit policy. The fatal accident involved 58-year-old Victor Nguyen, killed by a carjacked SFMTA pickup truck during a police pursuit that also injured three bystanders.

Another incident saw a police SUV in pursuit of a suspect crash into a former Lucca Ravioli building, injuring two bystanders, a child and an adult. With several commissioners pushing for policy review, it's unclear what potential amendments — if any — might be brought to the table. While some insiders view high-speed chases as an adrenaline-rush akin to "a video game come to life", there are those, like former SFPD sergeant Carl Tennenbaum, who firmly believe in ceasing such pursuits altogether. Continue Reading the Full Story on SFist -->