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Published on July 01, 2023
Affordable Housing Conversion Begins As Former Haight Street McDonald's Breaks Ground at Blighted Site

The once infamous Haight Street McDonald’s location in San Francisco, more notorious for crime than Happy Meals, is being reincarnated. The previous fast-food site at 730 Stanyan, which has been limping through an identity crisis since 2017, is now on the way to becoming a 160-unit affordable housing complex.

The storied past of the location includes a stint as a safe-sleeping tent village during the COVID pandemic and a short-lived run as a homeless drop-in center before lying dormant for over a year.

Now, in a bold step towards accessibility and affordability, the location gears up to house a diverse range of individuals and families, including transitional aged youth and the formerly homeless. The anticipated completion date is some time in 2026. Continue Reading the Full Story on SFist -->

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