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Published on July 11, 2023
 Parents Outraged After Kids Injured During Dolores Hill Bomb Arrests, SFPD Defends Actions@ki_tranada via Twitter

At the recent unsanctioned event, Dolores Park Hill Bomb, mass-arrests of 113 participants resulted in an outcry. Among the arrested were 81 minors, many of whom faced what parents report to be brutal treatment at the hands of the SFPD. Allegations surfacing from the event include stories of minors hyperventilating and others suffering injuries from batons or bean bag rounds. The tactics implemented by the SFPD during the crackdown have been questioned, especially given the lesser resources applied to combat serious issues such as drug trafficking in San Francisco. However, authorities including SFPD Chief Bill Scott and Mayor London Breed, staunchly defend the actions taken during the event, even labeling the occurrence as a 'Mission District Riot'. Regardless of viewpoints, this year's Dolores Park Hill Bomb will likely remain a contentious example of police use-of-force in San Francisco. To read the complete article visit SFist