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Published on October 05, 2023
Boston PD Joins Forces with Millbury Housing Authority in Fight Against Elder AbuseSource: Boston Police Department

The Boston Police Department (BPD) officers, allocating to the Community Service Office of District E-13 (Jamaica Plain), recently attended the Elder Justice Awareness Workshop conducted by the Millbury Housing Authority. The prime focus was to enhance the understanding of elder abuse and equip attendees with the necessary insights to prevent such incidents. Additionally, the workshop included helpful advice on maintaining financial safety and avoiding scams.

To widely spread elder abuse, various forms of mistreatment have drawn considerable attention, including physical and emotional trauma as well as financial exploitation. Despite its prevalence, many elder abuse cases go unreported due to factors like victim fear, societal stigma, or uncertainty.

The BPD officers, at the workshop, addressed these matters and underscored the significance to properly safeguard our elders. They also offered tips about thwarting financial scams, a scene from elder abuse that has regretfully been increasing. Vulnerable seniors are often targeted for their generous nature by scammers, emphasizing the need to protect oneself against such frauds.

Involvement in activities like the Elder Justice Awareness Workshop exhibits the BPD's commitment towards serving and protecting all community members, especially our elderly.