Arlington Trio Caged for Capital Murder, Cops Collar Suspects in Jackson Case

Arlington Trio Caged for Capital Murder, Cops Collar Suspects in Jackson CaseSource: Google Street View
Nate Simmons
Published on November 29, 2023

The Arlington Police Department has made a significant breakthrough in the November 12 murder of 26-year-old Jared Jackson, apprehending three suspects tied to the tragic shooting that unfolded at an apartment complex on W. Arkansas Lane. 23-year-old Brenton Smith, 17-year-old Jaka Livingston, and 19-year-old Ahmed Osman are now behind bars, charged with Capital Murder. The breakthrough came after APD homicide detectives meticulously pieced together the events leading to Jackson's death, which they believe stemmed from a dispute over drugs and/or money, according to the City of Arlington, Texas.

In what appears to thoroughly shake up the narrative, the suspects were tracked down and apprehended by members of the U.S. Marshals North Texas Fugitive Task Force. After being booked into the Arlington City Jail on the warrants, Smith, Livingston, and Osman have since been transferred to Tarrant County Jail, where they remain held. APD's investigation suggests that Smith had a confrontation with Jackson, which escalated fatally when he returned with Livingston and Osman to Jackson’s residence, where the shooting occurred.

The case, which has gripped the Arlington community, took an unexpected turn with the arrest of the trio, giving a slice of closure to a scenario that has seen locals on edge. Initially responding to a distressing scene, officers found Jackson lying unresponsive from a gunshot wound in front of one of the apartments. A previous report by Hoodline highlighted the then-unidentified nature of the perpetrator, urging community unity and appealing for public assistance in the troubling case.