Brockton's Bite-Size Starlet Serves Comedy in "Good Burger 2", Alexis Turner Charms as Ketchup on Paramount+

Brockton's Bite-Size Starlet Serves Comedy in "Good Burger 2", Alexis Turner Charms as Ketchup on Paramount+Source: Facebook/Good Burger 2
Sam Cavanaugh
Published on November 26, 2023

Hollywood's newest pint-sized superstar hails from Brockton, and she's dishing up laughs in the freshly flipped "Good Burger 2" available on Paramount+. Alexis Turner, a chipper nine-year-old, is serving up a side of chuckles as Ketchup, the condiment-named offspring of Ed—played by Kel Mitchell—in this fast-food sequel that has fans relishing the nostalgia.

The Brockton prodigy's performance is anything but half-baked, and this isn't her first rodeo in the spotlight. Alexis has been modeling and acting since the tender age of four, but "Good Burger 2" is her largest gig to date. "It was just such a surreal moment. I got teary-eyed, especially when I saw her name in the credits. I was just like wow!" gushed Antoinette Toney, Alexis's mother, according to CBS Boston.

With scenes including a pillow fight and a French fry feast, Turner's enthusiasm was palpable. "I’m so excited to see it," she said in a 7News interview. "It was a great experience. I loved to be there, I had a really fun time."

Meanwhile, Antoinette Toney can’t help but beam at her daughter's achievements, supporting her stint in showbiz every step of the way. "She’s my best friend and I’m just going to always be there for her. As long as she wants to do it, I’m going to support her," Toney affirmed, according to the 7News report. The movie was shot in North Providence, Rhode Island, at an old Friendly's restaurant doubling as the not-so-sophisticated burger joint.

Even though Alexis may be new to the big screen, her advice to peers is seasoned beyond her years: "Never give up. Be who you want to be, and don't let anybody stop you and follow your dreams," she giggled, as per CBS Boston.

"Good Burger 2" sizzled its way onto Paramount+ on November 22, promising a full menu of comedic delights with a side order of life lessons. "It was so nice and humble, it was just truly a great experience for the both of us. Even me just being in the background watching," she shared with CBS Boston.