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Published on November 30, 2023
Gunfire Ambush Rocks Duncanville Street, Cops Nab One Suspect, Manhunt for Accomplices ContinuesSource: City of Duncanville

The quiet of Duncanville Street was shattered when gunfire rang out earlier this month, leaving one man critically wounded and a community on edge as police hunt for suspects linked to the ambush. Officers rushed to the 300 block of Linkwood Dr. on November 17 after two assailants reportedly targeted the victim in what may have been a planned attack. In a hair-raising account, witnesses described how the suspects lay in wait, following the unsuspecting man from a bank to his home, unleashing a barrage of bullets as he got out of his car, as reported by the City of Duncanville.

Responding to chaos at approximately 5:18 p.m., Duncanville’s finest located a male victim with serious gunshot wounds; their quick action and first aid gave him fighting a chance before whisking him away to an area hospital. The duo behind the attack made their escape in a getaway car, described as a dark-colored Dodge Challenger, that roared away from the scene with a third conspirator behind the wheel.

Diligence on the part of the detectives has shed light on the identities of two out of the three dark figures that haunt this case. Duncanville Police have since apprehended 21-year-old Terrance Lanard Lowe Jr., one of the alleged gunmen, as of November 22. However, his accused accomplice, 21-year-old James Lee Wagner, remains a specter at large, together with the as-yet unidentified third suspect who drove their escape vehicle.

The police plea for public help continues as detectives grind to unearth further details in this case. "We are asking anyone with information regarding this incident, the identity of the third suspect, or James Lee Wagner’s whereabouts to contact the Duncanville Police Department at 972-707-3831," implored a spokesperson, per the City of Duncanville.