Dallas Drunk Driver Handed 99 Years for 7th DWI

Dallas Drunk Driver Handed 99 Years for 7th DWISource: Google Street View
Nate Simmons
Published on November 30, 2023

A Texas man's long history of driving while intoxicated has finally come to a halt behind bars with a jaw-dropping 99-year prison sentence—his latest after a series of similar offenses. Virgil Bryant III, hailing from the Dallas suburb of Red Oak, pushed his luck too far after being nabbed for his seventh DWI, driving erratically and terrorizing other motorists on US Route 287, according to FOX 4 News.

Officers responding to the scene discovered a chilling detail inside Bryant's Ford F-150—a half-empty six-pack with two beers missing, the report added. The 45-year-old's blood alcohol concentration read a staggering 0.245, a level that grossly exceeded the legal limit. Bryant's previous run-ins with the law included a 40-year sentence for his sixth DWI in 2009, yet parole set him free a decade later in 2019, per PiPa News.

This time, however, the Ellis County jury wasn't taking any chances. The severe sentence falls in light of Bryant's felony-laden past—a history that has clearly not deterred the repeat offender from endangering the lives of his fellow Texans time and time again. With Texas law allowing for harsher punishment under such habitual criminality, Bryant's latest escapade has secured him a near-lifetime reservation behind bars.