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Musk's Quirky Convenience, The Boring Bodega Shuffles into Bastrop with Sights on Community Charm

Musk's Quirky Convenience, The Boring Bodega Shuffles into Bastrop with Sights on Community CharmSource: Google Street View
Matt Mitchell
Published on November 24, 2023

Elon Musk, serial entrepreneur and visionary, is going beyond electric cars and space travel—he's stepping into the territory of convenience stores with the opening of The Boring Bodega. Found in Bastrop, across the road from SpaceX, this isn't just your average corner store; it’s part of the newly coined Hyperloop Plaza. According to Express News, the plaza is Musk's latest venture after bringing The Boring Company to the city in 2021, and it includes a pub and salon alongside the bodega.

Billed as a community hub that links Musk employees with Bastrop locals, The Boring Bodega is already stirring up chatter on social media. While some praise the store for its cozy community vibe, with an old-school Nintendo Entertainment System and lounge areas, others critique the aesthetic, with a Reddit user wondering, “I can’t tell if it’s a convenience store, a museum, a café, or a break room," as mentioned in Express News. In addition to classic snacks, you can grab a coffee or an alcoholic beverage, bridging the gap between a convenience mart and a hip urban café.

Local resident Chap Ambrose, a critical voice amid controversies concerning The Boring Company’s environmental footprint and land disputes, expressed approval for the bodega, contrary to his previous critical stance captured in a "Keep Bastrop Boring" campaign. "Criticism goes both ways, and my hat is off to Boring Co. for creating this incredible community space,” Ambrose praised after paying the store a visit in a statement captured by Express News.

While the Prufrock Pub at the Hyperloop Plaza anticipates its opening, His & Hers Salon is already providing haircuts, manicures, and pedicures. Musk's endeavor could signal a burgeoning market challenge in Bastrop, where traditional retailers like H-E-B may find themselves with an eclectic new neighbor. It's a situation laden with potential and speculation, as everything Musk touches seems to be reported by MySA.

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