Novato Residents Steer Through Outage with Savvy Street Smarts

Novato Residents Steer Through Outage with Savvy Street SmartsSource: Facebook / Novato Police Department
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on November 30, 2023

Novato faced an unexpected hurdle today as a power outage disrupted the morning commute, leaving traffic signals out of commission. The local police reported that drivers were reminded of the basic rules of the road, navigating the unexpected conditions without significant issues.

The outage affected several neighborhoods, with traffic lights either blinking red or completely inoperative. In what might typically escalate to gridlock, residents of Novato took it in stride, adopting a slower but effective pace to handle their altered routes. The common knowledge to treat a malfunctioning traffic signal like a stop sign helped keep things moving.

Despite the smooth reactions, the power outage did cause inconvenience. Delays and detours added frustration for those on tight schedules. Novato Police used their Facebook page to broadcast updates, saying, "The outage has impacted traffic lights, causing delays for some motorists during the morning commute."

PG&E is working to restore power, and updates can be found on their alerts page. They are working diligently to resolve the issue and return the town to its regular flow of electricity and day-to-day activities.