Ivies Catch 'Taylor Fever' with New Course on Pop Icon's Impact as Taylor Swift Studies at Harvard

Ivies Catch 'Taylor Fever' with New Course on Pop Icon's Impact as Taylor Swift Studies at HarvardSouce: Google Street View
Mitch M. Rosenthal
Published on November 29, 2023

Harvard University is ready to shake it off with a new course guaranteed to have students singing all the way to the library, drawing inspiration from none other than pop sensation turned billionaire songstress Taylor Swift. The spring semester at this prestigious Ivy League institution will see an influx of Swifites dissecting the "Maroon" singer's discography, from chart-topping hits to soulful deep cuts, in a class titled "Taylor Swift and Her World," because, as Harvard English professor Stephanie Burt put it, "Why would you not have a course on that?", as reported by NBC Boston.

Burt, who doubles as a poet and podcast host, will lead students through the intricacies of Swift's sound, which, according to a course description obtained, spans a multitude of genres, leaving a trail of economic impact that can shift the dynamics of entire cities, according to CBS News. With 300 students already estimated to have enrolled, courtesy of WCVB, this deep dive into Swift's melodies and metaphors is shaping up to be as packed as one of her sold-out stadium concerts, but it's not just about the music.

The course isn't limited to Harvard’s hallowed halls, though. Boston's own Berklee College of Music has also been running a popular class on Swift's songwriting for those looking to pen their own hits, a sensation that professor Scarlet Keys will double down on by offering two sections next term to keep up with the swirling fandom, as swift as the demand for Swift's catchy tunes, NBC Boston reports.