Hot Tub Boats Make a Splash for Steamy Skyline Tours

Hot Tub Boats Make a Splash for Steamy Skyline ToursSource: Chicago Electric Boat Company
Damon R. Sheffield
Published on December 04, 2023

Chicago's latest quirky attraction lets adventurers soak up the skyline from the comfort of a "Hot Tub Boat," NBC Chicago reported. The boats, which can ferry six people, are the brainchild of Chicago Electric Boat Company and are promised to mess with your chill—the good kind—with this week's launch fully booked as per the organizers.

The novel experience, according to the company, is "a floating paradise, exclusively yours to enjoy." With cleaning protocols that would make a germaphobe weep tears of joy, the company ensures "the highest level of water cleanliness" using a chemical-free, all-natural process. Sailing right into Chicago's heart, these aquatic hot pots are available for a 90-minute tour, taking riders from Marina City's docking station to Michigan Avenue, and Wells Street, as per ABC7 Chicago.

The hot tub hype doesn't end with toasty waters; these boats come jam-packed with floating cup holders for the BYOB crowd, underwater lighting for the amorous mood setters, and waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Offering rides Wednesday through Sunday, the company seems to think ahead, warning tipplers, "Make sure to designate a sober captain."

As the city's frost decorates the streets, the Chicago Electric Boat Company isn't just splashing around; they're turning up the heat on winter escapades. According to a release, it's not just about the boats; they've also "transformed" their previous darling, the "Duffy boats," into a snug little nest on water enclosed with a built-in heater—insulated from the nippy air but not from the awe-inspiring sight of snow-kissed skyscrapers.

The prices start at a chilly $158 per hour on weekdays and turn up to a slightly warmer $156 per hour on weekends. It may just be the splashy splurge winter thrill-seekers are looking for. Reservations for these warm watercraft are now being accepted for all of 2024, suggesting that if you miss out this season, there's still next year for a dip down the Chicago River's winter wonderland, docked right at the convenience of your hot tub boat's floating ecstasy.