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Published on January 25, 2024
Fort Worth City Council Approves $315,000 Ambassador Program to Boost Safety in West 7th DistrictSource: City of Fort Worth

Fort Worth is stepping up its game to ensure that nights out on the town are safer. The Fort Worth City Council gave the green light on Tuesday for an ambassador program to patrol and aid the West 7th Entertainment District. These ambassadors come with a price tag up to $315,000, according to the City of Fort Worth.

Following a September 2023 incident that saw a TCU student shot, the city has been under pressure to swiftly react to increase security. The ambassadors are set to help to vastly improve public order, assist those in need, and are expected to be a visible deterrent to crime in an area known for its nightlife.

But these aren't just any street teams. The ambassadors will be equipped with the SMART system, enabling them to meticulously log interactions and collect valuable data. This tech-savvy approach is aimed at identifying hotspots and trends to make the convening streets friendlier and more welcoming for all.

The funding for such an undertaking comes from the Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) fund, earmarked for law enforcement needs. While $315,000 has been authorized for the mission, the actual spending will directly correspond to the pace and scale at which the department needs to mobilize such services. The pact between the city and Block by Block, the company behind the ambassador services, is slated to end on Nov. 6, 2024, but not before a West 7th Public Improvement District (PID) petition is received – a potential game-changer that may pull together funds for an even wider array of public amenities.

These new ambassador services are an extension of Block by Block's duties, currently in play in downtown Fort Worth. They reflect a collaborative response involving law enforcement, city officials, and local businesses all with the same end goal - a safer West 7th Entertainment District for citizens and tourists alike to relish.