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Published on February 28, 2024
Falcon Field Airport in Mesa Receives $3.76 Million Federal Grant for Taxiway UpgradesSource: Google Street View

Falcon Field Airport in Mesa is gearing up for a significant infrastructure upgrade with a hefty $3.76 million boost from the feds. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shelled out the grant through its Airport Improvement Program, designated for the creation of an East Midfield Crossover Taxiway, and a straightening up of Taxiways D7 and D8.

As detailed by an announcement made by the city, the funds were secured on August 7, 2023, in line with City Council Ordinance 5733, which lets the City Manager grab airport grants on Mesa's behalf. The plan includes a new high-speed exit connecting runway 4L/22R with Taxiway D, and tweaks to the current taxiways to meet the FAA's latest safety regs for a tidier airfield geometry.

The whole shebang's got a price tag of around $4.5 million, and the team at Falcon Field isn't just banking on Uncle Sam's contribution. They're on the prowl for an extra $184,648 from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), while the city is throwing in $549,501 from its own coffers, including a just-in-case fund, "inclusive of construction contingency," according to the city's press release.

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