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Published on February 28, 2024
Miami's Jackson Health Foundation Unveils 'One Day for Jackson' FundraiserSource: Facebook/Jackson Health Foundation

Miami's healthcare scene is set to make a quantum leap with the Jackson Health Foundation's latest endeavor. Dubbed 'One Day for Jackson,' the campaign seeks to fund expansions and upgrades for Jackson Memorial Hospital's emergency department. Launched with a news conference at the Lynn Rehabilitation Center, this ambitious fundraiser has swept up endorsements from a swath of the community, including grateful patients and the local sports scene. WSVN reported the foundation's president Carlos Migoya saying, "There’s still so much more that we need to do."

With a vision for delivering exceptional medical care to all, regardless of their wallet's weight, the foundation has positioned this effort as a communal call to action. During the campaign announcement, shared the transformative journey of Dr. Erika Rolle. Having battled cardiomyopathy since 2006, Rolle underwent a life-saving heart transplant back in 2015, at the Miami Transplant Institute, made possible, as she put it – "because Jackson made it possible for me to have that hope and keep the hope as well as the faith."

The impact of 'One Day for Jackson' stretches far beyond the immediate horizon. Aimed at bridging the gap in funding, the campaign aspires to bankroll significant structural and technological innovations. It's not just an influx of cash for the here and now but a decisive move toward sustaining and scaling the quality of care at Jackson Health Systems. In anticipation of its official rollout on April 4, the excitement within the community is palpable. BNNBreaking covered the foundation’s vision for infrastructure and technology that translates to world-class care for every resident.

Whether patients are facing grave illnesses or sudden emergencies, the contributions made through this funding drive are crucial. This initiative stands as a testament to community solidarity, bringing state-of-the-art healthcare within reach for those who find themselves in dire straits. As put by Migoya in a statement to BNNBreaking, "All these kinds of things really go to provide the best quality of healthcare at the latest and greatest technology" – ensuring that in times of need, the community's wellbeing remains paramount.

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