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Published on February 29, 2024
Newnan Launches Affordable Housing Initiative with Murray Street Project Backed by Federal FundsSource: Facebook/City of Newnan (Government)

The City of Newnan is making strides in addressing housing affordability with the kickoff of the Murray Street Project, a development aimed at injecting affordable and workforce housing options into the local community, this groundbreaking ceremony marked a momentous step towards tackling the housing crunch that grips not only Newnan but also several other urban landscapes across the nation. As reported by the City of Newnan, the venture is partially bankrolled by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), signifying a significant commitment of resources to the well-being of Newnan's residents.

During the ceremony, a beam of optimism shone through the remarks of Mayor Keith Brady who outlined the essence of the project, asserting, “This critically important project and historic investment was funded in part by ARPA, it’s something that is much needed on this street.”; the Mayor further extended his gratitude towards the City Council, the Newnan Urban Redevelopment Agency (NURA) Board, and various City staff members, for their instrumental roles in bringing the project to fruition City Council Members Paul DuBose and George Koritko alongside other dignitaries, took part in this significant event, exemplifying a cohesive effort by the city's leadership.

Targeted at the heart of the city's housing deficiencies, the Murray Street Project comprises seven affordable/workforce housing units poised to rise on plots currently under city ownership, as detailed by the City's announcement. The Newnan City Council has entrusted the NURA Board with the charge of stewarding the investment; the board is now charged with the management and implementation of the project's execution.

As local housing continues to be a pressing issue, such developments reflect a trend where municipalities are taking charge to foster community growth, and with NURA at the helm the City of Newnan anticipates the completion of the project to serve as a template for future endeavours in urban renewal and housing accessibility. With the city aligning its resources, the Murray Street development stands as both a symbol and a practical step toward more inclusive, economically viable living spaces for those in need.

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