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Published on February 19, 2024
Refrigerant Leak in San Francisco Apartment Triggers Emergency Response, 3 Evaluated, No InjuriesSource: San Francisco Fire Department Public Information Office

A hazardous material scare prompted an emergency response at a San Francisco apartment complex, with firefighters rushing to contain a refrigerant leak on Saturday. The San Francisco Fire Department Public Information Office reported the incident at 625 Bush Street, which was limited to a single unit within the building. As officials worked to secure the situation, the leak resulted in three adults requiring evaluation by paramedics.

Due to the leak, there was a traffic snarl on Bush Street between Powell and Stockton as crews descended on the scene to manage the hazard. The SFFDPIO took to Twitter to advise locals to avoid the area to reduce congestion and ensure public safety while they mitigated the incident.

Thankfully, the scare had a swift resolution. Those affected by the incident were given the all-clear shortly after being checked over by the #SFFDEMS. The SFFDPIO updated the public, announcing, "The three adults evaluated are all okay and have been released from our care." The Hazmat unit continued their assessment of the built-in refrigeration system to prevent any further issues.

In the end, the emergency teams confirmed the problem was confined and posed no additional threat to residents or the public. Following the conclusion of their operations, the SFFDPIO issued an update stating, "This incident is now resolved," bringing a collective sigh of relief to the community and those impacted on the bustling San Francisco street.