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Published on February 28, 2024
Twin Cities Area Solar Co-op Champions Renewable Switch with Group Buying Power and Federal IncentivesSource: City of Coon Rapids, MN - Local Government

For residents from the City of Coon Rapids who are interested in making the switch to renewable energy, the Twin Cities Area Solar Co-op may have the solution. This community initiative, backed by Solar United Neighbors (SUN), is guiding homeowners through the transition by leveraging the power of group buying. Aimed at securing discounts from vetted solar installers, the co-op simplifies the process and provides economic benefits to those who join.

The Solar Co-op is putting the spotlight on low-income homeowners, who might find the cost of going solar out of reach without assistance. They could be eligible for significant financial incentives, which have the potential to cover a broad sweep of the installation costs. For others who don’t meet the low-income threshold, the 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit is still up for grabs to ease the financial burden of going green.

To spread the word and educate potential solar energy adopters, the co-op is hosting a webinar on Thursday, Feb. 29 at 6:30 p.m. This online event will walk participants through the basics of solar energy, the economics involved, and the particulars of the solar co-op's operation.

Those looking to sign up or in need of additional information can head to the Solar United Neighbors website. There, interested parties will find all they need to know about the Twin Cities Area Solar Co-op and the upcoming webinar. According to a Facebook post by the City of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, sign-ups for the webinar are currently open and accessible through the provided link.