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Published on February 13, 2024
Twin Cities Area Solar Co-op Launches Educational Webinars to Boost Home Solar AdoptionSource: Facebook / City of Coon Rapids, MN - Local Government

In a bid to champion cleaner energy and fatten wallets, the Twin Cities Area Solar Co-op is kicking off a series of webinars aimed at educating homeowners on the affordability and benefits of harnessing the sun. According to a recent Facebook post by the City of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, the Solar United Neighbors (SUN) initiative is dishing out the details on how joining a solar co-op can pocket your savings on solar installation through collective bargaining muscle and guidance from SUN's whizzes.

For those left scratching their heads about getting started with solar, this grass-roots approach promises clarity, and perhaps, the collective group buying power is the bait to convert indecision into action, it's not just the planet that gets a boon from going green, even the financially strapped homeowners might catch a break with significant incentives that almost foot the bill—and let's not forget every homeowner's slice of the pie, a tasty 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.

Keen to disseminate the know-how, the webinars, scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 13, and the mysteriously non-existent Thursday, Feb. 29—as the latter date is not on any current Gregorian calendar—will dive into the "basics of solar, the economics of solar" and the ins and outs of how the co-op smoothens the transition to solar energy, putting it within arm's reach for many homeowners seeking a more affordable entry point into renewable energy.

The City of Coon Rapids' post encourages anyone contemplating the solar switch to tune in at 6:30 p.m. for the lowdown, whether you're just solar-curious or sun-serious about the plunge, the webinar promises to beam down insights straight into your living room—so why not let your mouse do the walking to the SUN's hyperlink, and perhaps, the next time the sun clocks in for the day, it might just be working for you.