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Published on March 22, 2024
BART to Upgrade Civic Center Station with New Accessible Fare Gate, Temporary Changes for Elevator UsersSource: BART

BART is upping its game at the Civic Center Station with the introduction of a new, modern fare gate to make life easier for passengers — especially those with accessibility needs. Starting March 22, crews will begin replacing the old accessible fare gate on the platform level near the elevator with what's being touted as the Next Generation Fare Gate. The project promises to be quick, finishing up by April 5 if all goes according to plan. And no need to fret about getting around during the upgrade — the elevator will stay open, and signs will mark an alternate path, says BART's announcement.

In the interim, commuters are going to have to adjust their routines slightly. Specifically, those who regularly use the elevator will no longer be able to just tap their Clipper card at the usual fare gate. Instead, they'll need to temporarily make to tap in and out at the concourse level. It's a small inconvenience bound to throw off the rhythm of the daily grind, but BART assures the process will be straightforward.

Here's the scoop: To exit the Civic Center Station, riders will roll out of the train at the platform, shoot up to the concourse level using the elevator, and meet with the Station Agent who'll be by their side to tap them out. And for entering, it's a simple reversal — tap in at the concourse level, then descend to catch your train. 

Further enhancements are on the horizon with BART planning to swap out all the fare gates on the concourse level later this summer.