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Published on March 03, 2024
Governor Newsom Announces 10-Point Action Plan to Revitalize Oakland StreetsSource: California Governor

Oakland's streets are slated to get a major facelift as Governor Gavin Newsom steps in to aid the city’s fight for safety and visual appeal. Newsom unveiled a strategic 10-Point Action Plan, as per a state announcement, focusing on security enhancements, encampment resolutions, and the beautification of neighborhoods.

The plan rolled out with state certainty, commits Caltrans to tackle street safety improvements in Oakland. "Oakland is a beautiful city and we must ensure its neighborhoods are clean and safe," Newsom asserted, underlining the need to rapidly remove litter, graffiti, and to enhance public spaces significantly. His intentions are focused to, among other efforts, install security cameras and conduct aggressive maintenance operations.

Caltrans’ District 4, serving the Bay Area, spearheads this initiative as part of the larger Clean California program, which carries a hefty price tag of $1.2 billion. Specifics of the Action Plan encompass the installation of surveillance tech, tightening street maintenance, litter and graffiti removal, strategies to manage homeless encampments, local job fairs, community clean-ups, and the advancement of various beautification projects.

Newsom's plan doesn’t stand alone, building instead on a legacy of state intervention and funding to improve life in Oakland and its environs. The governor's office announced the state's sweeping contributions that, over the years, have included violence prevention programs, initiatives aiming to transform Oakland schools, and over $20.7 million energized into small businesses in Alameda County alone through loan guarantees. By blitzing over $200 million into combatting homelessness, the state hopes to push down the numbers of those displaced markedly.

The morality tale of safety in Oakland receives another chapter through CHP's crackdowns, one of which resulted in over 70 arrests. This alignment of law enforcement and community-level tactics is among the state's focused efforts to tranquilize the tremors of unease that tend to wrack urban streets.