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Published on April 22, 2024
Brentwood Police Issue Alert for Two Missing 14-Year-Old Boys, Possible San Francisco Ties InvestigatedSource: City of Brentwood - Police Department

The Brentwood Police Department has issued an alert for two 14-year-old boys, Dominic Brathwaite and Clyde Younger, who apparently ran away from home on the morning of April 12. Their current whereabouts are a mystery, their digital trails having gone cold as their cellphones and laptops are turned off.

According to the police announcement, Dominic and Clyde may have planned their departure by taking a change of clothes with them. The boys, standing approximately 5'10" tall and weighing mid-160 pounds, have black hair and brown eyes. Dominic is slightly lighter at 165 pounds, contrasting with Clyde's 170 pounds. With family in San Francisco, speculation arises that Clyde could attempt to reunite with relatives there.

The authorities have made it clear that, at this stage, there is no concrete evidence suggesting foul play in the disappearance of the juveniles. Nevertheless, the Brentwood Police request anyone with information on the boys' whereabouts to step forward, offering assurance that tips can be given anonymously. Concerned individuals can contact the Brentwood Police Department Dispatch Center at 925-809-7911 or emergency services by dialing 9-1-1 for urgent situations.

The community is on high alert, and the Brentwood PD continues to prioritize the situation. In the absence of alarming indicators, hope remains that the juveniles will return safely under the watchful eyes of both the community and law enforcement. Once again, any information regarding the youngsters' location should be reported immediately to the Brentwood Police Department.