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Published on March 27, 2024
Kinfolk, Memphis' New Culinary Gem Weaves Southern Comfort with a Twist of Global FlavorsSource: Google Street View

The Memphis culinary scene just got a little more homespun with the opening of Kinfolk, a restaurant that channels traditional Southern comfort through a contemporary lens. The establishment started as a pop-up and officially rolled out its full-service operation on March 27, planting roots at 113 Harbor Town Square.

Helmed by chef and owner Cole Jeanes, Kinfolk touts itself as "a refined Waffle House," a comparison highlighting its casual yet seasoned approach to dining, according to Local Memphis. Jeanes, whose personal journey with food intertwines with his childhood memories of hunting and fishing alongside his father, has imbued Kinfolk's menu with nostalgic nods to his past, those greasy brown bags from chicken and biscuit joints serving as the genesis for his culinary career, but now with the lessons from culinary school and the influence of Japanese and Scandinavian flavors, there's much more on the plate to talk about.

The breakfast offerings lay the foundation of Kinfolk's menu, with sandwiches available on signature buttermilk biscuits or milk buns sprinkled with benne seeds. The "Biscuits and Buns" section shares space with "Bowls," and "Sweets" like the novel "Banana Pudding Tiramisu," a twist on a classic that layers in coffee caramel and a touch of Moon Pie. Jeanes' affection for authentic, familial dining experiences finds its way onto every plate, a sentiment echoed by Memphis Flyer, where Jeanes reminisced about the great memory of eating sausage and biscuits in the living room with his family.

Always the innovator, Jeanes' approach to Kinfolk's cuisine blends comfort with consciousness. He aims to positively impact the local community, which translates to creative menu modifications like swapping out traditional white flour for oat flour in his griddle cakes to offer gluten-free options. He shared this and other culinary insights with Commercial Appeal. Kinfolk operates Wednesday through Sunday, offering early birds a grab-and-go window from 6 to 7 a.m., seamlessly transitioning into a wide-ranging breakfast and lunch service until 3 p.m.