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Published on March 15, 2024
LAFD and LAPD Successfully Resolve Crisis with Individual on Ledge in EncinoSource: Google Street View

Today, the Los Angeles Fire Department and the LAPD averted a potential tragedy after successfully talking down an individual perched precariously on the ledge of a four-story building in Encino. The incident, which unfolded at approximately 12:35 PM on 16350 W Ventura Boulevard, required emergency personnel to employ their crisis mitigation training to ensure the safety of the individual in distress.

According to the LAFD Alert, while firefighters hurried to set up a rescue air cushion which is a device used to safely catch a person in the event of a fall, the man on the ledge decided to yield to the persuasion of authorities, the LAPD responsibly and adeptly managed to deescalate the situation and took the man into custody without further incident. During this precarious operation, firefighter-paramedics stood ready to provide immediate medical attention.

As part of their collaborative effort, the LAFD and LAPD demonstrated the effectiveness of their joint response to mental health crises, which require patience and decisive action to protect lives. The person involved received a thorough medical assessment following his safe removal from the ledge, ensuring that his physical well-being was attended to in the wake of the psychological strain he experienced.

Further inquiries about the incident have been directed to the LAPD, which can share more details as per Incident #2254, while the Fire Department's involvement has been thoroughly documented in the online communiqué made available by LAFD spokesperson Bert Fierro, The emergency response teams, which included firefighters from stations 83, 88, 109 and several specialized units, have since cleared the area allowing traffic and daily activities to resume on the busy Ventura Boulevard.