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Published on March 14, 2024
Novato Firefighters and Marin County LAR Team Rescue Horse from Muddy DitchSource: Marin County Search and Rescue

A horse found itself in a perilous predicament yesterday when it became trapped in a deep, muddy ditch in Novato. The Novato Fire Protection District was quickly on the scene and realized this was a job for the experts. They called in the Marin County Large Animal Rescue Team (LAR) to assist with extracting the distressed animal.

The LAR team, a collaborative effort between Marin County Humane, Marin Sheriff's Posse, and Marin Search and Rescue, specializes in saving large animals from dangerous situations. According to a Facebook post by Marin Search and Rescue, they attend specialized training to quickly and effectively respond to these incidents.

Working together in mud and muck is no easy feat, but thanks to the seamless teamwork between the responding agencies, they were able to get the horse back on its feet safely. The operation required specialized large animal rescue equipment and heavy machinery. Despite the potential chaos of a rescue involving numerous agencies and complex gear, the teams avoided stepping on each other's toes.

"The horse was able to walk off unharmed with its owner," detailed the Marin Search and Rescue in their online statement. A sigh of relief, no doubt, for the owner and all those who came together to save a life. It's a testament to the efficiency and preparedness of the LAR and the community's commitment to every creature, great and small.