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Published on March 08, 2024
Oregon DEQ Awards Nearly $1M to Businesses for Diesel Emission Cuts to Clear SkiesSource: Google Street View

In a move for cleaner air, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is doling out nearly $1 million to local businesses. This cash infusion is aimed at cutting down the diesel emissions that have been clouding the state's skies. A total of 11 recipients are slated to benefit from these grants, which come courtesy of federal Diesel Emissions Reduction Act funds allocated to states by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The grants target a variety of enterprises, from a Glendale transport outfit upgrading a sole heavy-duty truck’s exhaust system to a Beaverton lumber company overhauling nine of their big rigs. Further down the list is an excavation operator in Fairview, which will be replacing two diesel non-road loaders with newer models featuring advanced emissions controls and retrofitting four excavators with improved exhaust systems. This financial boost is part of a sweeping effort to clean up Oregon's act when it comes to pollution, focusing specifically on nitrogen oxide and particulate matter—culprits behind an array of health ailments.

According to an announcement by the Oregon DEQ, these initiatives are expected to scrub out over 33 tons of harmful emissions from the state’s air. It's a sizable step towards a fresher, cleaner Oregon, one that DEQ hopes will ultimately lead to a noticeable improvement in public health.

"The DERA grants help support small and large businesses around the state to transition to cleaner and more efficient transportation and equipment," said Rachel Sakata, section manager in Oregon DEQ’s Air Quality Division, in a statement. Her words underscore the importance the DEQ is placing on these grants, viewing them not just as an environmental win, but also as a boon for local business efficiencies and a pathway to a more sustainable future.