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Published on March 30, 2024
Ravenwood High Students Spark Magic for 3-Year-Old's Dream Disney Trip Through Make-A-Wish Middle TennesseeSource: Google Street View

In a heartfelt display of philanthropy that's almost as enchanting as the Magic Kingdom itself, Williamson County's Ravenwood High School students recently waved their fundraising wands and, presto, a family's dream vacation to Disney World materialized. The beneficiary of this fairy tale come true? Little Tilly Loney, a three-year-old with a big smile and an even bigger medical journey. Born with epilepsy and after undergoing brain surgery to manage her condition, Tilly has fought battles that would make even the bravest Disney heroes proud.

Setting their sights on a certain castle in Orlando, Ravenwood High's students kicked into high gear, raising a whopping $16,000, according to WSMV. At the helm of this charity ship were the school's student body president and vice-president, Ananya Tanjore and Ella Dasal, who, captured by the same magical spirit, welcomed Tilly to a world where every dream has the potential to come to life. Every year, they pull together to bring joy to children facing devastating illnesses, Tilly's wish just being the latest granted through their efforts.

During an interview with NewsChannel5, it was revealed that a special pep rally served as the stage for the announcement, featuring Disney-themed performances. Think high school talent dipped in pixie dust and served with a side of Mickey Mouse ears. At this celebratory gathering, Tilly was crowned as the princess of the hour, complete with a royal procession of Disney characters, a sight beholden by The News TN.

But this isn't just a one-off. Far from it. For over 15 years, Ravenwood High School has raised nearly $200,000 through fundraisers featuring everything from sports to pageants, specifically for Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee. "This event restores my faith in young people, these young people and they’re making a difference in their own community," Beth Torres of Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee, awed by the efforts put in by the students, told WSMV. And though Tilly's mother, Meg Loney, can hardly wait to see her daughter's expressions at the sight of Cinderella's Castle, it's clear that the real magic is the kindness radiating from these big-hearted teens.