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Published on March 26, 2024
San Francisco Bay Area Welcomes MV Delphinus, Elevating Commuter Ferry ServiceSource: San Francisco Bay Ferry

The city of San Francisco and its regular commuters are about to experience an upscale in their daily transit routine with the introduction of a swift, new wave in ferry transportation – the MV Delphinus. Freshly added to the SF Bay Ferry fleet, this vessel promises to make waves as a faster and more comfortable option for those navigating through the Bay Area's waters.

Assemblymember Lori Wilson, who sticks her flag in the ground for Vallejo in the California State Legislature, didn't hide her excitement at the commissioning of the MV Delphinus. "I am thrilled to welcome MV Delphinus into our ferry fleet, marking a significant enhancement for commuters from Vallejo and beyond," she stated, according to a San Francisco Bay Ferry press release. The commissioning bash not only showed off the vessel but also highlighted the replied, effort of various stakeholders, with nods to state and federal collaborators for making a faster ferry experience possible.

Constructed by Mavrik Marine and designed by One2three Naval Architects, MV Delphinus sails into the scene as a product of communal insight and technological advancement. Set to serve the Vallejo route primarily, the vessel boasts a 320-passenger capacity yet retains the versatility to operate across all SF Bay Ferry routes thanks to its notable combination of speed and size.

Pippin Dew from the SF Bay Ferry Board of Directors remarked, "MV Delphinus represents the latest SF Bay Ferry investment in providing a clean, safe, relaxing, and affordable way to cross the Bay." She expressed gratitude towards the united front of partners who dare to dream of a more robust ferry service in the Bay Area. Vessel construction cash flowed from the Federal Transit Administration and the State of California's Proposition 1B, displaying a concerted effort to better the Bay's transit conditions.

Several design modifications have been added to the MV Delphinus as a nod to rider insight, such as vinyl siding on part of the second deck for extra cover and upcoming heating installations. The practice of ferry fine-tuning doesn't seem to be docking anytime soon, with improved bike racks soon on the way.

Chugging ahead full steam, the SF Bay Ferry service is powering through its post-pandemic comeback with impressive stats – clocking an 80% ridership recovery under its Pandemic Recovery Program. Its Vallejo route leads the pack with a trophy case of over 700,000 passengers in the past year, proving that the ferry's appeal flows unabated.

Maintaining an eye on environmental sensibility, the new arrival, MV Delphinus, joins as the 13th EPA Tier 4 equivalent vessel in the fleet, inching San Francisco Bay Ferry closer to a panorama of glistening clean transit services on the Bay. The MV Delphinus stands as another chapter in the agency's saga, including the introduction of the nation's first-of-their-kind high-speed passenger ferries – the MV Hydrus and the MV Pyxis.