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Published on March 04, 2024
San Francisco Department of Elections to Operate 501 Polling Places on March 5Source: Department of Elections

San Francisco voters, get ready to hit the polls. The Department of Elections has announced that it will open 501 neighborhood polling places across the city for the big day on March 5. From sunrise to sunset, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., these locations will be buzzing with electoral activity, offering services such as in-person voting and ballot drop-offs. "In every election, we partner with many public and private entities as well as individuals to secure sites like schools, firehouses, garages, community centers, and businesses for the hosting of voting activities," Director John Arntz was quoted in a recent release.

Voting convenience seems to be a top priority for the department, which is ensuring that all polling places provide, ballots corresponding to the voters’ residential address. Arntz also mentioned that "any voter can return their mail ballot, mark and cast a poll ballot, receive language or personal voting assistance, or use accessible equipment and tools." It's important for voters who want to cast their ballot in person, to check their assigned polling place beforehand. Voters are encouraged to use the “Find My Polling Place” tab on the Voter Portal at, or to reach out directly to the Department of Elections by call or email.

In an effort to inform voters of changes since the last ballot casting, the Department had previously mailed out multilingual notices indicating changes in polling locations. This Election Day, they promise to continue their multilingual support, with signs posted at former polling places directing citizens to the new voting sites. The signs promise to point the way in multiple languages, alongside a handy QR code to simplify the search for your voting station.

For those seeking more information about the upcoming election or other voting-related queries, contact details abound. The Department encourages residents to get in touch at (415) 554-4375, or by emailing [email protected]. Physical visits are also an option, with the Department's office located in City Hall, Room 48 for those preferring face-to-face interaction their assistance. With San Francisco set to decide its future, the Department of Elections seems determined to make sure every voice has a chance to be heard, come March 5.